Your contact


Dr. Anke Feldmann
Chemical Engineer, Laboratory Manager and Managing Director
Tel.: 034328/ 732-10


Kathrin Großmann
Industrial Manager
Office organisation, Sample collection, Procurement
Tel.: 034328/732-0


Heiko Ebock
Environmental Scientist and Managing Director
Tel.: 034328/ 732-14

How to reach us:

LGU Laborgesellschaft 
für Umweltschutz mbH 
Waldheimer Straße 1 Gewerbegebiet Hartha-West 
04746 Hartha 
Telefon 034328 / 7 32-0 
Fax 034328 / 7 32-22 
Mail: buero@umweltlabor-hartha.de


Coming from the B 175, please turn at the roundabout near Hartha into the bypass road „Hartha Kreuz“. Follow the signs to Hartha, industrial area Hartha. From the bypass turn left into the business park Hartha-West. Follow the main road and after having passed the company sites of EST Elektrospezialtechnik and Metallbau Martin make a sharp left turn to the premises of LGU. The laboratory building of LGU has a red tiled roof and is painted yellow.

Coming from Hartha please take a turn between the hotel Flemmingener Hof and the Sparkasse towards the industrial area. Following the main road you will see the LGU laboratory on the right side, just above Metallbau Martin GmbH.

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