Our laboratory is equipped with a wide range of special instruments for the treatment and preparation of samples.

Sample preparation

Our equipment includes:

  • Erdwich Two-Shaft-Shredder for the crushing of waste-, wooden, substitute fuel samples up to an edge length of 500 mm per 30 mm 
  • Retsch Knife Mills for the additional and gradual shredding into pieces down to 1 mm 
  • Retsch ultra centrifugal mill for fine grinding down to 1 mm or 0,5 mm (can also be used for samples chilled by dry ice) 
  • Retsch Jaw Crushers for pre-crushing of brittle materials like slag, construction waste and glass 
  • Retsch Planetary Ball Mill for additional pulverisation prior to the digestion for elemental analysis 
  • digestion- and extraction systems 
  • furthermore: convection dryers, stirrers, shakers, dispersers and equipment for column elution studies
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