Brown fields or sediments including new contaminations, whether lightly, severely or highly severely contaminating, comprise another important field of activity of LGU. We collect, analyse, evaluate and review each pollutant and develop action plans for the decontamination of the relevant soil. Our long-lasting, intense and trustful cooperation with our industrial and commercial clients as well as developers, insurance companies and state authorities prove our expertise in this field. 

We are constantly in close contact with the environmental authorities and support you with all relevant official approval procedures.

Contaminated material

Our services in detail:

  • initial ascertainment and historic investigation
  • technical explorations
  • remediation investigations, development of decontamination concepts, cost estimates
  • preparation of remediation measures and declarations, recommendation of disposal channels
  • expert monitoring, final reports and documentations
  • coordination of construction sites according to regulation 128 of the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association for the Construction Industry on works at contaminated sites (BGR 128)
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