We carry out soil analysis:

  • for the determination of the compatibility with construction material
  • for the detection of soil pollution and assessment of the proliferation of contaminations
  • on the microbiological degradability of organic pollutants
  • for the surveillance of the recultivation of opencast mines

Production waste

Regarding waste or production waste we execute:

  • declaration analyses in accordance with the directives of the Länder-taskforce on waste (LAGA) and of the Landfill Ordinance (DepV)
  • immobilisation and elution experiments
  • evaluations on dangerous characteristics and of utilisation and disposal channels

Construction and dismantling

In the course of construction projects and demolition sites we offer:

  • determination of local and site-related contaminations
  • declaration analyses for the determination of disposal channels according to testing programs and customised requirements
  • dismantling and disposal concepts 

Compost and fermentation

We analyse compost and fermentation material in accordance with the Federal Organic Waste Ordinance (BioAbfV) and along the guidelines of the Federal Compost Association (BGK). Our laboratories are accredited by the BGK. This registration is based on the continuous and successful participation in ring trials.

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